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Box Contents

●    Dual Kit. Contains 12 Plastic Miniatures (Satyroi/Selinoi, with the option of making their respective command models)
●    3 Infantry Plastic Stands
●    12 Bases
●    2 Command Cards


Nowhere in the society of the City States is their ambivalent relationship with the Bred more evident than with the Selinoi. A nigh seamless blend of man and goat, the Selinoi ultimately proved to be the hardiest and most adaptable of the Bred who survived. Intelligent, fast and tough, they quickly excelled at their tasks, putting them at odds with humans and painting a mark on their back when the purgest started during the Fall. Today, those Selinoi who survive have done so by learning to coexist with humanity or avoiding it as much as possible. Selinoi Hunters shun the crowded streets of the City States, choosing instead to roam the deep forests and wildlands that the invariably form around the City States. Their woodcraft and hunting skills making them invaluable scouts for the City States and their presence is tolerated and sometimes even encouraged if only to secure these capable scouts in a cities force.

How they play:

Experienced trackers and hunters, the Selinoi pressure enemy ranged regiments not only with their dependable ranged output but also because of their natural resistance to enemy ranged fire.

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components.

City States: Selinoi (Dual Kit)

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